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Wildlife (Bats and Birds at Green River Golf Club)

Bird News

Linda Violett (The Bird Lady) writes...

Thank you, Alan, for the quick response on the acreage. General guidelines that I use is two acres of forage per nestbox. Your information shows that I'm actually spacing boxes at about three acres per box. But spaces like the driving range (too dangerous) are not included.

The 2009 season at Green River (both golf courses combined) had good results with an average of 4.74 birds fledged from the 59 "Bluebird" sized box. Here is a breakout by species:

  • Western Bluebird = 229
  • Tree Swallows = 35
  • Ash Throated Flycatchers = 10
  • House Wrens = 6
  • Wood Ducks = 10

By the way, the nice averages reflect a high level of responsible (low chemical) golf course management. Very much appreciated.

Bat News

Did you know...

  • Bats are mammals, just like humans, which means that all bats are warm blooded, have hair, bear live young, and feed their babies milk.
  • Bats produce one pup a year.
  • Bats can live up to 39 years
  • Bats are able to eat more that 1000 mosquito sized insects an hour.

Fore more bat information check out http://www.batcon.org